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FAQ Operation Video & APKs

1.Split Screen operation video

Example 1:
Example 2:

2.Install maps and map internal settings (mainly for setting language, voice, and distance units)

Reference video:

3. Videos of Key-Button Learning

All Videos:

ES27XX/ES81XX/ES85XX Full Touchscreen radios:

ES27XX/ES81XX/ES85XX Radios with buttons on the panel:

ES30XX/ES31XX/ES42XX Full Touchscreen radios:

ZZH ES32XX/ES41XX Radios:

ES89XX Key-Button Value Import Method (including instructions and operation videos), and if the keys are not working, please refer to the settings:

ES2241U/ES2255V Touch Screen Calibration/Key Button Learning:

4. Touch Screen Calibration

MTK Radios:

ES51XX/ES59XX/ES69XX/ES81XX/ES87XX Android Radios:

ES31XX/ES30XX/ES42XX/ES27XX Android Radios: (holding down the main menu interface with 5 fingers for at least 10 seconds will pop up the setting interface, which can be tried multiple times)

ES27XX/ES81XX/ES85XX Radios:

Touch screen calibration by connecting an external mouse

ES86XX/ES88XX/ES89XX Radios (Five finger touch screen calibration, after learning and operating, poke the Reset Hole to reboot the radio)

ZZH ES32XX/ES41XX Radios (Two videos of Touch Screen Testing and Touch Screen Learning)

ZZH ES32XX/ES41XX Radios (Touch Screen Button Learning)

5. Steering Wheel Control Button Learning

YB/WS series



KD series ES87XX/ES89XX

ZZH/HC series ES30XX/ES31XX/ES42XX

6. OBD/Car Diagnostic Scan Tool

APK & Operation Video

Solution to OBD connection failure (Word documents must be viewed, including connection videos)


7. TPMS Module

ES331  APK
ES341  APK
ES342  APK

Operation Video

8. DVR Recorder (APK & Operation Video)




9. ES246 4G dongle operation video

10. ES338 TV Box Wiring Operation Video

HC/ZZH series & Suitable for all Android Car Radio

LM/YB/WS series Android Radio

LM series MTK Radio

KD series Android Radio

11. Set the Machine to Sleep/Screen extinction

12. Android machine is stuck and running slowly ----One Click to clear background running applications to release running memory

13. How to choose the Language

14. How to Reset the Car Device

15. How to connect a front camera and a rear camera, and how to switch (taking the KD series radio as an example)

16. ES364/ES354 DAB Box

DAB antenna installation video

DAB channel search operation video/DAB interface displays NO Device


17. RDS radio search/Selection Area (radio cannot be found or there are few radio stations or poor signal)

ES27XX/ES81XX (2 videos containing opening or closing RDS)

ES51XX/YB/WS series (2 videos containing opening or closing RDS)

KD series (2 videos containing opening or closing RDS)

ZZH series (2 videos containing opening or closing RDS)

HC series (2 videos containing opening or closing RDS)

18. How to save a radio station (if the station does not save or remember, please refer to)

19. ZZH ES32XX Setting Machine Resolution Method

20.  ES076 RGB To RCA Decoder Box Wiring Method

Video of replacing Radio Accessories

1. How to disassemble and assemble the SD card slot

2. How to disassemble the radio, plug in the ribbon cable, install the screen, button board, core board, motherboard, and CD-ROM drive (the radio in the video is from the LM series)

Steps for replacing the touch screen/display screen of a buttons radio --- document

Steps for replacing the touch screen/display screen of a full touch radio --- document

3. How to replace the USB interface

4. How to replace the touch screen/display screen of 1Din's radio (the radio in the video is ES7808U)

5. Power socket disassembly and installation (the radio in the video is ES7148V)

6. ES89XX/ES87XX series radios have no GPS signal. How to replace the GPS adapter cable