Erisin Nissan-Cable-A 2 Din Unversal Car Power Cable

Item condition: New
Model: Nissan-Cable-A
Shipping Weight: 0.11 kg
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  • Marke Price: US$20.00
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This unit can be used not only as universal 2 Din unit, but also as special unit for many NISSAN car, if you have NISSAN car, please contact us to buy one of these special NISSAN cable.
-For the most Nissan Car Model


Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 5
    noureddine hajoubi (2018-07-07 01:15:51)  from  Spain
  • I have the 3646U and I do not know what cable I buy to be able to install it in Nissan Qashqai 2007, someone can help me.

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-07-08 18:56:53)

  • hello, as we are not familiar with your car, if you are not sure, please send the picture of your car power port to , the technician will help you to check.

  • Question & Feedback 5
    Bica (2018-05-13 17:36:46)  from  Italy
  • excuse me is it ok for es 8841u for nissan qashqai 2011

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-05-13 19:06:02)

  • hello, the ES8841 can not use the nissan cable A .


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