Erisin ES230 Quick Charge QC 3.0 Dual 3 IN 1 USB Cigarette Lighter Socket Car Charger Android Phone

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Model: ES230
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Product description:
How do you solve this trouble with great many devices but only one cigarette lighter socket? with Dual USB & cigarette lighter socket car charger , the car's original cigarette lighter socket can be split into 1 socket and 2 USB ports. and you can charge your drive recorder, GPS, Bluetooth kits and your phones together, solve your in-car power and socket problem. Built-in quick charge chips support the newest quick charge QC3.0 and QC2.0 functions and built-in intelligent circuit design protects against short circuit, over-heating, over-current, over-voltage and over charging.


Product features:
- Unique Design with beautiful appearance
- 3 IN 1: Cigarette Lighter Socket/Quick Charge USB Port/Standard Charge USB Port
- Dual USB output and expansion cigarette lighter power, solve your in-car power and socket problem. Can basically compatible with all electronic devices you may use in your car.
- Built-in quick charge chip, support quick charge 3.0, quick charge 2.0 for Huawei FCP, for Samsung AFC, which can charge your phone to 80% after 35 minutes charging
- Built-in intelligent circuit design protects against short circuit, over-heating, over-current, over-voltage and over charging.
- Wide voltage suitable for a variety of cars, vehicles.

Product parameters:
- Version: Quick charge 3.0 version
- Input voltage range: DC12-24V
- Support CC/CV charging mode 
- USB output 1: 3.6-12V 3.5A max
- USB output 2: 5V 2.5A max
- Cigarette lighter power supply: DC12-24V.
- Fast Charge Tech: QC3.0/QC2.0, for Huawei FCP, for Samsung AFC 
- Operating Temperature: -20 to 70
- Product Size: 92mm * 58mm * 35mm 
- Color: Black 
- Shipping Weight: 0.5kg 

Important Notes:
1. This product's Cigarette Lighter Socket can be inserted car charger and supply power for electronic devices, but please do not directly insert the cigarette lighter.
2. When two USB ports are charged at the same time, the fast charging function is changed to the normal charging function due to chip protection.
3. The Quick Charge 3.0 port will fast charge the mobile phones that support Quick Charge 3.0 only. For non QC 3.0/2.0 phones, it will be charged at normal speed. Meanwhile, you have to use a high quality fast charging USB cable. 

Package content:
- 1* Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB & Cigarette Lighter Socket car charger 



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