Erisin ES6005M 6.95" 2Din Car DVD Player 3G GPS SAT NAV RDS 1080P Autoradio

Item condition: Refurbished
Model: ES6005M
Shipping Weight: 3.5 kg
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New Technology + All in One + Competitive Price + High quality
This unit is the latest 6.95" All-in-One Design, it can be used not only as universal 2Din unit, but also as special unit for NISSAN car. MTK3360 800MHz CPU, Dual Core, 256MB RAM, support 1080P RMVB Video, support the newest 10-Band EQ, support 3G WCDMA Internet, VMCD---Virtual 10 CD Changer, Bluetooth PB-Download and PB-Search, Steering Wheel Control, built-in 6 Games, Calculator, Drag and drop Icons,10 internal wallpapers and update user's wallpaper, 7 Button Light Colors, external Microphone Jack, show iPod/iPhone4/5/iPad playlists, Car Recorder and DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB Box input + Power supply + Touch control


- ISO 2Din Universal Unit, Front Panel size 178mm(W)*100mm(H), also it can be used as special unit for many NISSAN car
- 6.95 Inch super wide Screen, our unique design, the most Universal 2Din car DVD player has just 6.2" screen size
- Digital Screen (800*RGB*480), High sensitive Touch Screen
- The newest MTK3360 800MHz CPU, Dual Core, 256MB RAM, support external memory up to 32GB
- 10 Wallpapers for your Choice, you can update your photos and setting it as wallpaper
- 4 x 50w Surround Stereo, Subwoofer Output, support the newest 10-Band EQ
- 7 button light colors: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan/White
- One button for blank screen, you can shut off Display but keep Sound in the evening
- Built-in Clock and Calendar, Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable, can use GPS Time
- Support 3G Internet, you can connect a 3G dongle to use this function
- Built-in 6 games and calculator for your travel use
- Support Virtual 10 Discs, you can save max. 10 CD in your SD/USB1/USB2 to play
- Drag and drop Icons, the position of icons can be changed at will
- Multi Menu Languages: English/Chinese/Russian/Turkish/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/
- Support GPS navigation, free 8GB SD Card and GPS Antenna included.
- Dual zone function, Rear Passengers can watch DVD or TV while driver can use GPS
- Support Bluetooth hands-free function, built-in microphone on front panel and external microphone Jack on the back.
- Support A2DP Bluetooth, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your Phone
- Download phone book function, you can download contact information from your phone to this unit
- Support the newest Phone Book Search, you can search&find a contact member in downloaded phone book,
just input the first letter of name, you will find some associated names, then you can choose the right one
- Radio Tuner with RDS, 30 Preset Radio Stations (FM: 3*6, AM: 2*6)
- USB Port and SD Slot, Support USB Stick and SD Card up to 16 GB, support 1080P RMVB Videos
- 3 in 1 USB1 and USB2 Port, you can connect USB Stick, iPod/iPhone Device, 3G Dongle to USB1/USB2 Port to
use corresponding function, USB1 and USB2 Port has no difference.
- Built-in iPod/iPhone4/5/iPad Audio Decoder IC, can charge the connected device, support Audio Input and Touch Control
- Support Car DVR input, Touch Control and Power supply
- Support DVB-T/ATSC Box input, Touch Control and Power supply
- Support Rear View Camera input and reverse trigger Control
- Support Steering Wheel Control, Hand Brake Control
- Electronic Anti-Shock, Last Position Memory

-Power Supply: DC 12V (allowable range: 10.8-14.5)
-Max Current: 10A
-Button light Color: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan/White
-Install Size: 2 din size 178mm(Top width)*160mm(High)*100mm(Bottom width)
-Package Size: 280mm*270mm*170mm
-Gross Weight: 3.5kg
-Net Weight: 3.0kg

-Screen Type: 6.95 Inch Touch Screen
-Resolution: 800 * RGB * 480
-Built-in Clock and Calendar : Yes
-Built in Games: yes,6 Games Built in
-Built in Calculator: yes
-Screensaver: yes , you can set it to 15s/30s/60s
-Wallpaper: yes, default 10 for your choice, you can upload image by yourself
-Drag and drop Icon : Yes, the position of the icons can be changed at will
-Change the Backlight: yes, you can choose Day/Night and adjustable
-One Button for Blank Screen: Yes, Shut off Display but keep Sound in evening
-Digital or Analog : Digital Touch Screen, very vivid

-Beep Setup: On/Off
-Menu Multi-languages: English/Chinese/Russian/Turkish/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Hebrew/Arabic/Polish/Thai
-Bluetooth Setup: Auto Answer: on/off, Auto Connect: Yes/No
-Navigation Setup: Volume mixed/Auto to Navi when power on
-EQ Setup: Support the latest 10-band EQ
-Sound Setup: User/Flat/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Class
-Video Setup: Yes
-RDS Setup: Yes
-Steering wheel Setup: Yes
-Date/Time Setup: Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable or GPS Time
-Factory Setup: yes, the code is 3711

-Operation System: Microsoft Windows CE. NET 6.0
-CPU: MTK3360 800mHz,
-Internal: 256MB ,Dual Core ARM9+ARM11
-External Memory Size: can extended to 32GB
-Supported Map: SYGIC, IGO, Garmin and so on
-Free 8GB SD Card included: yes
-GPS Menu Operation Languages: English/Chinese/German/French/Spanish/DutchPortuguese/Italian/Finnish/Romanian/Polish and so on
-Voice guidance: Yes
-Support 2D/3D Map Views: Yes
-Dual Zone Function: Yes

-DVD Lens Brand: SANYO 860C
-Decoder: SUNPLUS 8202 VGQ
-Audio/Subtitle Language: English/French/Portuguese/German/Italian/Arabic/Russian
-Divx Title: Unicode/UTF8/ASCII
-Last-Position-Memory : Yes, expediently watch all kinds of disc continuously

-BT Hands Free: yes
-A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth
-Phone Book Download: Yes, can download Phonebook from mobile to this unit
-Phone Book Search: yes, Can search contact member in phone book listings
-Built-in Microphone : Yes, on the frontpanel
-External Microphone Jack: yes, on the back

-Special port for Car DVR input: yes
-Supply Power Connected DVR: yes, you can connect our DTV box to achieve this function .
-Touch control of the connected DVR: yes
-External car DVR incl: No, you can contact us to buy it together.

-Special port for DTV Box input: yes
-Support DTV Box Standard: ATSC/DVB-T/ISDB Box
-Supply Power connected DTV Box: yes, you can connect our DTV box to achieve this function .
-Touch Control of the Connected DTV Box: yes
-DTV Box inch: No, you can contact us to buy it together.

-Radio Module: Si4745
-AM Frequency Range: 522-1620KHz
-AM Increment: 9KHz(EU)/10KHz(US)
-FM Tuning Range: 87.5-108MHz
-FM Increment: 0.05MHz(EU)/0.1MHz(US)
-FM Area: Europe/USA1/USA2/Russia/Japan
-RDS: On/Off
-Preset Stations: 30 (FM 3*6, AM 2*6)

-Compatible with iPhone 4/5/iPad/iPod: yes
-Charge the connected Device : yes
-Show Playlist on screen : yes
-Control iPhone from Screen: yes
-Built in iPod Audio Decoder: yes, just connect it to USB1/USB2 Port to Play
-iPhone video input: No.

-Position: USB1 and USB2 Port, on the back of the unit
-Capacity: 16GB
-Support MP5 Video: Yes, support 1080P RMVB Video
-Touch Music title to play directly : Yes

-Position : On the front Panel
-Capacity : 16GB
-Support MP5 Video: Yes, support 1080P RMVB Video
-Touch Music title to play directly : Yes

-VMCD: yes, support virtual 10 CDs
-Games: 6 built in Games
-Calculator: yes
-Calendar: yes
-Used as NISSIA special unit: yes

-AUX Video In: One
-Camera Video In : One
-IPod In: One
-AUX Audio In: R/L
-DTV Box input: One
-Car DVR Input: One
-External Microphone Input: One
-Radio Antenna Input: One
-GPS Antenna Input: One

-Video Out: one
-Audio Out: RR/RL/FR/FL
-Surround Stereo Output: 4 x 50w
-Subwoofer Out: One

-Steering Wheel Control: Yes
-Reverse Control: Yes
-Auto Antenna Control : Yes
-Hand brake Control: Yes
-External iPod/iPhone Touch Control: Yes
-External DVR Touch Control: Yes
-External Digital TV Box Touch Control: Yes
-Button Light Control: Yes.

-User's Manual in English: One
-Power Cable with ISO Port: One
-RCA Cable: One
-USB Cable: One
-GPS Antenna: One
-8GB SD Card : One
-Touch pen :One


Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 4
    ION (2017-05-04 04:04:47)  from  Finland
  • It is this compatible with NISSAN Primera P12 year 2003 ? Thank you

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2017-05-04 20:19:31)

  • Hi Thanks for your message this unit is universal unit , if the size is ok then you can use it no problem. can you please email to so that we can send you details ? BR Erisin .

  • Question & Feedback 4
    MURAT (2015-10-14 03:19:50)  from  France
  • hi, is it possible to use it on an audi year 2001 with BOSE sound system?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2015-12-12 02:12:24)

  • this unit is universal, but can you check the dimension and connection? thank you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Bejder (2015-05-22 12:12:21)  from  Denmark
  • i just ordered Erisin ES6005M 6.95 and whill get it soon if i want too buy the ES245 and ES 166 laiter can i doo that and what is the prise

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2015-07-30 07:20:23)

  • Dear customer, thanks for your inquiry. For more details, please just feel free to contact

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Shishkin (2015-04-24 09:07:13)  from  Russian Federation
  • Hello. Tell me please do you have 2Din Car DVD Player with GPS that fits Nissan Qashqai 2009?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2015-04-30 02:56:28)

  • Dear customer, for the time being, special units for your car is not available, would you like to consider the universal ones for Nissan? Like ES9610A and ES7610M.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2015-04-23 23:33:58)  from  Spain
  • Hi, I want the ES6005M with the Special Cable for Nissan and the TV-Box ES499D. I live in Europe and I want the package sent from UK ($30 postage cost). How much will all this ES6005M, Nissan Cable, TV-Box ES499 and postage from UK)? Also, are they currently available? If not, when do you estimate it can be shipped?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2015-04-30 03:02:43)

  • Hi, ES6005M is only available in HK for the time being, and ES499D is out of stock, we advise ES238D, it is similar to ES499D. For more details, you can email us directly:


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