Erisin ES364 DAB+ Digital Radio Box Aerial Amplified Antenna for Android 6.0/7.1/8.0 Radios

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Model: ES364
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What is DAB+?
DAB is the third generation broadcast after the traditional analog broadcast AM/FM Digital Audio Broadcasting. 
DAB+ is an upgraded version of the original DAB technology. It can be compatible with DAB as well.
The new radio standard DAB: Digital Audio Broadcasting allows you multi-regional music with your local well-known and also new channels. CD sound quality and noise-free in excellent transmission make DAB Radio a special experience in the vehicle. DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has gradually replaced the traditional analogue roadcast AM/FM. Permanent increase in channels and expansion of the station area soon make DAB accessible to most of Europe. 

How to operate on the DAB+ box?

1. After you connect the DAB+ with the car Multimedia, click on the "DAB+" app (this should be installed in advance).
2. Check the DAB+ signal, see upper left corner for the signal status.
3. Click the search icon, it will find the DAB+ stations, and save on the right side. 

Product description:
DAB+ Digital Audio Broadcasting Receiver Box, connect its USB Plug with Android Car multimedia Unit, you can receive the DAB+ digital radio on your car stereos and enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car. which can fit all our Erisin android car multimedia unit and the most of other android 6.0/7.1/8.0 or above head unit on the market. All our Erisin android car multimedia has pre-installed the DAB+ App and you can get an DAB Apk file from us to install it in the other android head unit.

- Unique design with gold color shell, fashion and beautiful!
- With this DAB+ Box, you can enjoy the superior audio quality of DAB+ in your car from now on!
- The included antenna itself is advanced with amplified function, high sensitivity, use the MCX port to connect
- Plug and play, USB Port supply power for DAB+ Box and the connecting Antenna, no need the extra power cable 
- Delicate Design, easy to install, with 1m USB Adapter Power Cable and 3m Antenna Cable
- Stable receiving and high signal noise ratio, stereo output, class quality

- Working Temperature: -20~+70
- Power Supply: 5V USB Port
- Frequency Range: 174-240MHz
- Channel Separation: 55dB
- Channel Difference: +/-3dB
- Input Impedance: 50Ohm
- Antenna Input Type: MCX
- Lenght of USB Adapter Power Cable: 1M
- Length of Amplified Antenna Cable: 3M
- Shipping Weight: 150g 

Package content:
- 1* DAB+ Box
- 1* 1M USB Adapter Power Cable
- 1* 3M Amplified Antenna
- 1* User's Manual in English and German


Questions & Feedbacks :

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2019-02-07 14:48:07)  from  Italy
  • Wir haben ein 7821 mit DAB Box 354. DAB Signal schwankt sehr. Radioempfang ganz schlecht mit originalantenne. Was tun?

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2019-02-12 21:32:52)

  • Hello, please check all cables in good and correct connection. Or you can reset your Car dvd player or update it. Hope it can help you. Have a nice day.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    Unregistered User (2019-01-27 15:34:37)  from  Italy
  • Hallo Is es364 compatible with my erisin 3015ge head unit ? With android 5.1.1 ? Thanks for answer

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2019-01-27 22:57:05)

  • hello, pls send email to, our technician will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    GRECH (2019-01-11 10:21:14)  from  Malta

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2019-01-13 20:11:49)

  • hello,pls send email to, our technician will help you.

  • Question & Feedback 4
    PINTO (2018-11-16 14:32:31)  from  Portugal
  • Olá Podia enviar o app DAB+, porque o meu rádio não tem esta app. Obrigado David

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2018-11-19 02:33:08)

  • hello, so sorry for the problem, pls send email to, our technician will help you.


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