Erisin ES069 Audi VW Radio Antenna Adapter Diversity System

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Model: ES069
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For some VW and Audi Cars, such as Golf 5. there are two FAKRA Leads in the car, one for AM and one for FM, they both require amplification in order to work with the Car Aerial, so you can check, to make your Radio work well, this twin FAKRA Adapter is needed

--Compatible with Audi VW
--One End: Twin Fakra Connectors, the other end with one Din Connector
--Cable Length: 50cm


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    Ruiz Navalmoral (2013-10-30 15:25:12)  from  Spain
  • I have an Erisin Car DVD player in my vw golf V and I have the radio antenna adapter too. Im very happy with the product, but my problem is that in some case the radio signal is not quite strong and i'm not able to listen to the radio. Will i make the radio signal stronger with this adapter? Thanks a lot!!

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2013-11-24 08:53:43)

  • Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, you can. Please confirm the connector will be compatible with your car.For more details, please just feel free to contact


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