Erisin ES038 Mini WiFi Internet USB Adapter Dongle

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Model: ES038
Shipping Weight: 0.02 kg
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Some of our Clock Menu units have Internet Function, but one additional WiFi modem or 3G Modem is needed to make this work, This is just the WiFi Modem, with it you can enjoy Internet in the place where has WiFi signal.

Mini,Light and easy to Carry.




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    Unregistered User (2017-06-18 14:27:56)  from  Spain
  • ES038 è compatibile con autoradio E8115S

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2017-06-18 19:50:49)

  • the ES8115 does not support wifi function, it can not use ES038. il ES8115 non supporta la funzione WiFi, non può utilizzare ES038.


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