Erisin ES315-1 7" HD Car Color Monitor Quad Splitscreen

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Model: ES315-1
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7" Digital Quad Split Screen Car Headrest Monitor with Sunshade

Suitable for any Cars

With 4 pin connector,the monitor can power the reversing camera directly (4 pin connector only),no other power cable needed, but for RCA Camera, still need to connect the power cable for camera.

The monitor supports max 4 reversing camera at the same time,man can choose 4 split screen mode or 2 split screen mode or just one camera mode, also for the 2 split screen mode or one camera mode, man can choose any one or any two ones camera to display just by using the mode button.

Key Features:
--7" HD Monitor with Sunshade design, which can prevent the glare of sunlight
--Split Screen mode: Quad/Two/One
--Compatible Power: 12V-24V, fusebox built in which can prevent over voltage damage
--4 pin connector: yes
--RCA connector:  yes, there is one 4 pin to RCA switch adaptor in
--Built in Speaker: the monitor can be connected to car dvd player/mp3/mp4 etc with sound out
--Light Sensor built in, the screen will dim itself at night
--Remote Control
--Easy to install

Parcel Content:
--1 pcs Quad Split screen Monitor with Sunshade
--1 bag Screws
--1 pcs English Manual
--1 pcs Power Cable
--1 pcs 4 Pin to RCA Cable
--1 pcs Remote Control

Please note this parcel has no CCD Camera and Extension cord, if you want ,just check our ES388 and ES110


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    Unregistered User (2013-03-18 03:24:34)  from  Spain
  • I was wondering if you ship the CAN bus to my address? Franjo Golob leska cesta 12 Mežica Slovenia

  • OnlineSupport Reply: (2013-05-04 03:58:35)

  • Thank you for your inquiry.All packages will be sent to paypal address after payment.


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